Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Shoes

M is obsessed with shoes. It doesn't matter what they look like or whose shoes they are. It doesn't matter if they are real shoes or dress up shoes...she just loves shoes!

Right now, these are her favorite.

These "doggie shoes" came from a yard sale for 50 cents.

She LOVES them. When she wakes up, she says "I need my doggie shoes!"

When we are going somewhere and I ask the kids to get their shoes on, she says "I need my doggie shoes."

I bought the shoes because I thought they would be great to wear outside - quick and easy to get on and off.

Helping plant trees on the land while wearing her shoes

Instead, she has worn them everywhere...even to church!

Hey, it was Sunday night and at least they matched her dress!

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Daddy said...

While these things are relly cute, they are starting to stink! She really does wear them everywhere and cannot stand not having them. Last night we went and watered the trees at our land. She was in panic mode because she didn't know where they were. I was in panic mode too because I didn't want to start hunting around on 5 acres looking for shoes!!!