Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lowe's Story

My mom was riding in the car with us the other day and we passed Lowe's. She reminded me of something that E used to say when she was about 2 years old.

One day as we were leaving Lowe's, E waved and said,
"Bye, Bye Lowe's, my daddy loves you!"

It was just the cutest thing!

For the longest time after that, we would say it every time we rode by a Lowe's. Who knows when we stopped doing it...all I know is many years have now past (She is now 9!) and I have not thought of this story in a long time!

E (2 yrs old)

Look at my cute little baby girl!!!! Where has the time gone?

Thanks, Mom, for reminding me of what that sweet little voice said so long ago!


Main Street Mom said...

That is amazing! That is the age all our first-born ones were during the "play group" years.... Time has passed so quickly!

What a cute story!

Amanda said...

I know can you believe it has been 7 years!?!

Daddy said...

That was pretty cute. Somehow she knew that I really do love Lowe's.

It is fun to think about things back then. E is so grown up now and so serious and so teenish that it is hard to remember her before she became a big sister. She was the first grandchild and great-grandchild on Amanda's side and boy did she command attention (still does). I had a hard time when she turned 9. That means she is halfway to 18 and probably out of the house to college on her own. Oh where has the time gone?!? No matter how old she gets, she is my "Darling" and my baby girl too!

Main Street Mom said...

Ok, the "halfway to 18 and probably out of the house to college on her own"...That applies to EDC has hit me hard! That will be here before we know it!!! Each day with our little ones and not so little ones is certainly a gift from God!!!!