Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Decorator-in-Training

Look what my 9 year old daughter did ALL by herself!

Didn't she do a fantastic job!?!

E and I were out shopping the other night and I found the jar on clearance
at our favorite store for $5.00!

The next day, without me knowing it, she created her masterpiece! She placed acorns and other natural things in the bottom and then put a ceramic pumpkin in the middle.

When she was finished, she surprised me with it!

I think it is beautiful and I could not have done a better job myself!

I think she may actually be a "nester-in-training!"


Main Street Mom said...

You are training her well!!! It was beautiful! Where did you find the jar and did they have anymore?

Amanda said...

I wish they did. I would have gotten more...especially for $5.00! It was at t@r-jay :)

The nice thing is that it is really heavy and not that thin glass that so many of these jars seem to be.