Monday, October 6, 2008

She Finally Has a Name

M loves her baby as much as she loves her shoes.

For weeks, M has taken her baby with her everywhere. Morning, noon, and night her baby is in her arms, in the stroller or laying on a pillow covered with her blanket.

It is so sweet to see her cuddle her baby, feed her, shoosh her when she is "crying", talk to her, and snuggle her close at night when they are both going to sleep. She is such a good mommy to her baby!

On several occassions, I have asked her what her baby's name is. She had always replied "baby" until now....M finally officially named her baby!

Meet Ally.

We are not sure how she came up with the name. But it is rather cute, huh!?

There is nothing like a little girl and her first baby!

I am sure for many years, we all will remember with fondness, M's first baby named Ally.

Just as a note of interest, E named her first baby Annie and S named hers Ashley. I guess the girls have a fondness to "A" names.


Daddy said...

Very adorable. She is so cute carrying that baby around. But at times (smiley face here), it gets a little trying. Like tonight for instance, I think I put her baby's clothes off and on about a billion times tonight. It was funny arguing with her - "on", no "off", no "on", etc., regarding her baby's clothes. We got a picture of her tonight (not shown here) with M taking Ally to the bathroom. We got that videotaped!

Also, is it really THAT hard to determine why the girls like "A" names?!? Look no further than the best mommy in the world - Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Again, I just love your precious blogs! How sweet! M is just tooooo cute. Your pic. are really good! Ashlyn just now named her baby.. . . Tammy. She refused to name her until recently, she was just Baby for the longest time. Scott, you are a sweet Daddy and Husband. What precious memories!

Leah Belle said...

we have a baby doll named allie too! (and a cousin and a dog!) :)