Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sorry, I have not been posting the last few days. I have been busy organizing things for storage (yes, we are finally moving into the shed!) and preparing for a yard sale on Saturday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Kid's Garden

This weekend, we started planting vegetables in the kids garden.

This is not where we intend to have a garden every year, but this is where the water is located! Right now, we only have water at the road, so we decided to use some of the flower bed for the vegetable and herb garden.

As it is, when we water our new pecan trees, we have to fill up a 15 gallon container and drive it to where they are planted!

Do you know how hard it is to pick up 15 gallons of water? Me either, but my sweet husband could tell you...IT IS HARD WORK!

Hopefully in the coming months, we will be able to run water lines out to the shed. Until then, I think this is the perfect place for the garden...wouldn't you say?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nester's Linky Party

The Nester is having a linky party and this is my first time participating! I am so excited because this is more than a linky party, it is a contest too!

I recently started my bedroom makeover. We have finished painting and are in the process of slowly decorating.

So what do you think of the color? I love it - even more than I thought I would!

For the past few weeks, I have been looking for some new artwork at goodwill and yard sales, but have not been able to find anything!
Until now....

I saw these over at the Nester's Place and knew they would be perfect in our new bedroom!

These lovely prints are custom made and sold here.

Don't you think these would look fabulous flanking the fireplace?

So here is how the linky party and contest works....

The Nester is hosting this fabulous party for those who already have these lovely prints. They are showing off where they put them in their home.

The good news is that the party doesn't stop there! You can also link up showing where you would put them if you had a set of them for yourself. Then, she will pick a winner and ship a FREE set of prints to awesome is that!

So, on the slight chance that I may win these beauties, I will attempt to use Mr. Linky and join the party!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love how a simple dollar toy can provide so much entertainment for my sweet little 6 year old! While we were working out at the land on Saturday, S spent hours trying to catch butterflies. She caught several.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to spend a sunny afternoon catching butterflies??? Oh, the simple pleasures of childhood.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Creator

The sunset was incredible tonight!

In the distance, we could see the rain all around us, but it was not raining where we were. Look how pretty it made the sky!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.” Ps. 19:1

Friday, April 17, 2009

American Village

Today we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to a place called American Village. E enjoyed it so much! She has been studying US History this year so this experience helped bring some of those things to life! They were able to see a replica of the Liberty Bell, visit the Oval Office, tour Mount Vernon, see the Ford Theater, and much, much more.

Although I did not go on the tour with E, I did walk around the grounds. The buildings were absolutely beautiful!

Mount Vernon

Our group took the Liberty tour - those who went on the tour said it was well worth the $8 fee and the several hour trip to get there!

Don't they look so cute hiding under the Liberty Bell???

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Special Quilt

Today, our small town library was hosting a quilt show. Our friend, Sherry, was actually the one hosting this fantastic event. She has a passion for quilts and is even working towards becoming a certified appraiser. She should have her license by this time next year!

While preparing for this event, Sherry told her quilting class about the show she was going to host in our town. One of her students told her about a quilt that she received as a family heirloom from her grandmother. This quilt was sewn by several local women in our county in 1934. She asked the lady if she could use it to display. Of course, the lady was happy to let her.

She provide the names of the ladies who had helped make this quilt along with a picture of some of them. Sherry recognized one of the names on the quilt as my great-grandmother's name! She called to tell me all about it and could not wait for the kids to be able to come and see.
So, of course, we took the kids to the library to see the special quilt that was made in part by their great-great-grandmother!

The neat thing is that not only is my great-grandmother's name on here, so is my great, great aunt's!

I think one of the things I love the most about it, is the handwriting of their names. When I saw my grandmother's name, I immediately recognized her handwriting.

It is just how I remembered - and it is forever inscribed on this special quilt!!

Spontaneous Photo Shoot

We stopped by a railroad museum on our way home from a field trip. The setting was beautiful. Of course, I could not resist a spontaneous photo shoot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today is the Play!

Well today is the BIG day for the kids play. They were so excited to perform for their daddy and Nana! My cousin's wife, Cara, even came! She drove 45 minutes just to be there to watch the sweet!

Here is S in her Roo costume.

Here is B as Owl. I am so glad I got this will understand why in a minute!

Here is the group. Don't they look adorable!

E did a perfect job as the narrator! I was so proud of how she kept the play moving right along!

When the time came, B was so scared. He was not prepared for the audience...I fear graduation, but refuse to think of that today! He sat there and cried, waving his arms for me to come get him, and placed his head down on the table. It was the saddest thing EVER! The mommy part of me wanted to rescue him, but the teacher part knew he would be OK and it was a good experience.

He did not say his lines - Miss Renee did instead - once his part passed. He relaxed and did not cry and sat up there like he should.

She caught me trying to take a picture and gave me the biggest smile!

At the end, she got to say a few more lines. She did so good! I was so proud of her for being so brave up on the stage!

Her ears got all crazy....isn't it cute though!

I think they loved taking a bow as much as the acting they were able to do!