Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lowe's Story

My mom was riding in the car with us the other day and we passed Lowe's. She reminded me of something that E used to say when she was about 2 years old.

One day as we were leaving Lowe's, E waved and said,
"Bye, Bye Lowe's, my daddy loves you!"

It was just the cutest thing!

For the longest time after that, we would say it every time we rode by a Lowe's. Who knows when we stopped doing it...all I know is many years have now past (She is now 9!) and I have not thought of this story in a long time!

E (2 yrs old)

Look at my cute little baby girl!!!! Where has the time gone?

Thanks, Mom, for reminding me of what that sweet little voice said so long ago!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She Lost Her First Tooth..Finally!

S has finally lost her first tooth. She is very proud and very excited. I would love to tell you it was a glorious, peaceful event....but I will not lie.

After much persuasion and even a little forcefulness, her tooth is now out.

As bad as she wanted it to come out, she was not willing to let us pull it. S is a stubborn little girl and she had made up her mind that it would just come out on its own. The poor tooth was literally hanging by a single root....she could almost lay the whole thing over with her tongue! It has been like that for several days. We gave it a chance to "come out on its own." That did not happen.

So we had to make her let us pull it out! To say the least, she was not happy!

In a matter of a single second, this tiny little thing was out.

Of course the first thing she wanted to do was call Nana to tell her!

Doesn't she look so cute?

A tradition that we started when E lost her first tooth was to write a letter to the "tooth fairy" asking if we could please keep the tooth. We leave the note along with the tooth that is placed safely in a special box. S was very excited to be able to write her own letter and get the special box for her tooth.

I know this is the first of many teeth S will loose..I just hope the next ones come out a little more quietly!

The Speed Drill

S was doing her speed drills in Math today. I gave her 1 minute to complete them.

The timer went off and she was not finished.

Needless to say, she was upset.

I tried to comfort her. Let her know it was OK. I just tried to encourage her to work faster next time and let her know the more she practiced, the faster she would become.

Through her tears she said, "I can't do it Mommy. I am not a super hero!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Camo Cast

Our little man got his cast on today.

Is there anything other than camo for this boy? I think not. For those who know him, know there is no other choice.

I am not sure what we would have done if they did not have camo. From the moment we talked to him about getting a real cast and explaining that they come in all colors and that they MAY even have camo..that is all that needed to be his mind he heard nothing else but CAMO!

He even wore his camo shorts and his Ohio State camo hat!

When the guy came in to put his cast on, he said "I don't know if I can put a cast on you!" He said, "I am a Michigan fan!" We all got a good laugh.

What a great way to break the ice and put B at ease..and his momma too!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Tough Little Guy

Thursday night, while I was at Bible Study, B fell off the trampoline. Although we have the saftey net, he managed to fall out a small opening at the "door". (One of the girls had gotten off and did not zip the gate all the way down. Only about 1/3 was left opened.) It is so hard to believe he was able to fall through such a small opening, but he did!

Scot said he cried a little, but wanted to get back on and jump. Scot said he did not act like he was hurt and that he even played catch!

A little while after I got home, Scot casually mentioned it to me. He felt like it wasn't really a big deal..maybe a bruise or a sprain. He said just watch it tomorrow and see how he does.

B is a tough boy and he has a high tolerance of pain. This is the same boy, who as a baby, had a DOUBLE ear infection and NEVER cried! The only way we knew something was wrong was that his ear started draining really bad. We took him to the doctor and were STUNNED to get a double ear infection as the diagnosis!

Well, Friday morning when B got up, I tried to look at it. He didn't want to take the bandage off for me to see. So I began asking him questions.

I asked if it hurt, "No."

What about if I touch it here? or here? He said, "No"

I told him I thought we should go get an x-ray just in case, his response was "No, it doesn't hurt!"

So I just took his word for it. I noticed throughout the day, he wouldn't use it as much. So with E's help, I finally convinced his to take off the bandage. It was swollen! I knew then, for peace of mind, we should get it x-rayed.

Scot came home early from wor and having dealt with broken bones himself, he knew right away something was not right.

The only doctor's office still taking patients was Primecare. (This is actually a story in itself, but we won't go there!) The doctor and nurse were super nice. They were kind and gentle.

The nurse took B back for his x-ray and our fears were revealed....

It is broken!

My poor little guy.

I just could not believe it! My baby boy had a broken arm for almost 24 hours and we did not know it!

Oh the guilt...

But how was I suppose to know??!! This boy is tough...maybe too tough for his own good!

He didn't complain, he didn't cry, he acted like it was no big deal!

I didn't even give him Tylenol! Oh, the guilt....

They put a temporary cast on his arm until Monday when we will go to the Bone doctor to get a real cast.

This is the best picture I could get because he is all embarrassed about it! Notice he is hiding it behind his back!? Maybe when he gets used to it...maybe.

Lovin' Me Some Sweet Tea

Look who was sitting on my counter....

Do you see what she is doing!?!

Yep, she has her cute little teacup dipping herself some sweet tea! And yes, she is double dipping. Well, actually probably double, double dipping!

It was so cute... I couldn't help but run get my camera to sneak some pictures!

This girl loves her sweet tea already! What southern girl doesn't, right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Gift

At church the other day, Miss Ann, told me she had a little gift for B. Miss Ann is always so sweet to give the kids little gifts of special things she finds or no longer needs. She is always so thoughtful that way! When I saw what is was, I think I was just as excited as I knew B would be!

It is a battery-powered lantern. Of course, you know the first thing I think of....Camp Night! He can't wait to use it in his tent on Friday...although I will say he is getting a lot of use out of it already! He climbed under his bed the other night...just because he now had a light to see with!

He wouldn't smile for me..this goofy face was all I could get!
What a perfect gift! Thanks, Miss Ann!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Tales of the Loose Tooth

While on vacation in August, we discovered that S had a loose tooth. This six year old... (yes, she really is six, unlike my two year old who thinks she is six!).... was so excited!

Several of her friends, who are also six, have already lost at least one tooth, if not more. She has repeatedly asked "when are my teeth gonna fall out!" She wants to be a member of the snaggled tooth club sooo bad!

I think the cutest thing ever was what she said when we discovered the loose tooth. We were at the pool and she asked if it was still OK to swim because "it might fall out in the water"!

This when we discovered the loose tooth
Don't you just love when they say something so cute and are so serious about it!
A few weeks after we got home, she was scheduled to go to the dentist for a regular check-up to get her teeth cleaned. Her dentist sent a little reminder in the mail and when she received it, she proudly announced to be brother and sister that she did not have to go to the dentist. I asked her why she thought that and she replied, "because I have a loose tooth and if he tries to clean it, it will fall out!"

It was so hard to not laugh at her response..she says the funniest things and says them so seriously!
I guess I busted her bubble when I told her it was just like brushing her teeth every day and that she still had to was a good try though, wouldn't you say?!?

Checking to see if her tooth is ready to come out!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Camp Night

Friday nights are starting to become "camp night" in our home. The kids love pitching their tents, gathering their sleeping bags, and camping out in the living room.

This past week's camp night was quite comical!

B wanted to sleep with E, but NOT in her tent because it is PINK. We finally convinced him that if he wanted to sleep with the girls in their tent, he would just have to get over the fact that it is pink.

So he got his gear - his manly CAMO sleeping bag and "BALL" pillow - and got inside. Besides the fact that it was a pink tent, he really was excited about the fun things they had planned for the night. But....

The next thing I know he is yelling NO MORE LOTION! The girls explained they have to put on lotion before bed...A few minutes later he came out of the tent and informed us he just could not sleep in there because "it stinks like a girl"!

Scot, being very sympathetic, announced he had a plan. The next thing I know, he started bringing in wood! Yes, wood...8 ft long pieces of wood!

He used the wood for the framing of the "man cave". It supported all the blankets and pillows. Can you see it sticking out on either side???

Nice little man cave, huh?!! Aren't daddy's the best!! It is amazing what you can do with a few chairs, couch pillows, and blankets!

Boy was HE happy and the girls so wanted his house instead of their tent! They even begged to sleep with HIM.

Although he let them come inside his house for a visit, he said they couldn't sleep there...why?? You guessed it, because they stink!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I remember when B was very young, about 2 1/2 or so, he spelled his first word. We were riding home from church one Sunday night discussing what to have for supper. A little voice from the backseat piped in P.I.Z.Z.A.

Scot and I looked at each other in could he know how to spell pizza??? We all started laughing. It was just so funny to hear our little man say something like that out of the blue! He had heard what we were talking about and he knew he wanted pizza for supper!

I was convinced that Scot had taught him how to spell the word pizza...and for good reason too. For those of you who know Scot, know just how much he LOVES pizza! I thought it must be some sort of conspiracy. He often tells the kids to ask for pizza and I thought he had taken it to a whole new level..teaching my toddler how to spell it too.

They always want pizza and I am not so crazy about it. I like it if it has everything on it, but even then only occassionally. Scot, on the other hand, never tires of it. He could eat it every day!

Since that night a few years ago, when we talk about having pizza we just can't help but spell it! It brings back good memories and lots of laughter.

Last night, we had a family fun night and what did we have for supper? You guessed it...homemade P.I.Z.Z.A?

The kiddo's (yes, the big one included) love pepperoni's. I think more ended up in their mouths than on the pizza's.