Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 more weeks

We went to the doctor today for B's arm. I can't believe it has been 4 weeks since he broke it! He has been such big boy about it. Thankfully, he has not complained and it really has not been a big deal at all.

They took his old cast off. Of course, we ALL thought it was the coolest thing to watch them saw it off!

He wasn't scared, he just sat there quietly while the assistant sawed right through, pried it open and cut through the cloth.

Finally his arm was free! I will spare you the details on just how gross his cast was.... 4 weeks of sweat and dirt...you get the picture!

As crazy as it may sound, it was actually weird to see his arm without the camo cast.
I washed his arm really good and then they took him to get it x-rayed.
When the doctor came back in, he said it was healing just fine. He showed us the new bone growth. He also showed us an area on the other bone with new growth meaning that he actually broke both bones in his arm! This was something that even the doctor did not know before!
Because his arm is still real tender and they found this second break, he felt that he should wear a cast for 2 more weeks!
I was just fine with that! If not, I would worry that he would injure it again before it was completely healed!
So now at least he has a nice clean camo cast that smells good...at least for today!

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