Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Nights

I overheard a conversation today while my three oldest children were eating lunch. I couldn't help but laugh at what they were discussing, but I also was reminded of an important lesson!

One of them mentioned that "tonight mommy is going to Bible Study" and another yelled, "Yeah, daddy is watching us and we get to eat pizza and watch ...(a show that they watch with daddy). The others said, "yeah! and we can go outside, play football, jump on the trampoline, play with the little legos, play ball on the wall".....and the list went on and on. They sat there for several minutes making plans of all the things they were going to do with daddy tonight.

Thursday nights have become a night full of daddy-and-the-kids traditions. Scot decided he wanted to be responsible for supper - so that usually means pizza. (Of course, there is no complaints from the kids with that one!) They also have their own special games and activities that they do with him. Now don't think this is the only night he plays baseball outside or jumps on the trampoline with them or drags out his 20 year old legos to create masterpieces, he does these things regularly! I guess there is just something about doing them when mom is not home and it is just them and daddy!

It warmed my heart to hear them plan their evening. It also made me laugh at all the things they thought they could fit in a two and half hour period. Because in reality, they listed enough stuff to fill a ten hour day!

Their little conversation also reminded me that it is not all the things we do for our children, it is the time we spend with them that matters to them the most.

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