Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, little man!

Today my little man is turning 5 and it just doesn't seem possible!

One of my favorite pictures!

He comes up with the silliest things and bring us so much JOY!

He loves camo.

He loves Ohio State.

He loves the beach - building in the sand, jumping the waves, and going crabbing at night.

He loves to swim and look under the water with the goggles.

He loves trains, planes, and John Deere.

Pensacola Naval Museum - 3 years old

On the train at the Zoo - 2 years old

He loves riding with his daddy in his truck!

Riding with daddy - 2 1/2 years old

He loves pizza, legos and lincoln logs, riding his bike, fixing stuff, and taking things apart, BUT he loves his daddy MORE than anything else!

He is his daddy's helper no matter what the task!

Although he is a daddy's boy, he does love his mommy too. He likes to take care of me and do things for me. He gives me the BEST hugs and kissses. He has had a great example from his daddy on how to treat his mommy. He will make a good husband some day!

Our little bedtime routine has always been "extra, extra night-night sugars" ~ you know you never can have too many of kisses!! As I am about to leave from his bedroom, I say "I love you" one last time and I add, "moon back don't you forget it!" He tells me, No mommy I love YOU to moon back and YOU don't forget it!"...and it melts my heart everytime!

I cannot wait to see the man he will become one day. I pray that God will use him for His glory. That his heart will always be tender and willing to serve. That he will never loose that sweet, energetic spirit that makes him, our little man!

Happy Birthday! We love you, B!

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