Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heritage Festival

We had a fantastic day at the local Heritage Festival. There were a lot of demonstrations about life on a farm in the 1890's and the ways the farmers would harvest their crops, specifically peanuts.

We enjoyed watching the workers harvest the peanuts..of course, they were using the old fashion ways of doing it! What fun it was to see it up close!

We enjoyed the fruits of their labor. They dumped the freshly picked peanuts into a wagon for us all to enjoy!

We also watched the tractor pull which was a first for Scot.

Check out the pink tractor! Our girls loved "her"!

We also had fun exploring the farm seeing what life was like for people in the early 1900's. They demonstrated what it was like to wash clothes, churn butter, make sugar cane, quilting, cooking, weaving, just to name a few. It was fun for the kids to see how much work life was without all the conveniences we have today.

One of the nice workers chopped sugar cane for the kids to take home. He even showed them what to do to plant their own. Who knows we may have sugar cane growing on our land someday!

It was such a fun day spent with the ones I love the family!

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Leah Belle said...

i love that we have access to L Park. what a great place.

loved the b&w photo of your oldest and the barn. very nice.