Friday, October 31, 2008

They Won!

The kids entered their pumpkins at the local fair and won! They are SO excited..and I am too.

They worked so hard on them. The girls practiced for a long time trying to paint their horses to make them look right!

They were very creative adding special touches to their cowboy themed pumpkins. E added some cactuses and S added a horseshoe.

I will take more detailed pics when we get the pumpkins back so you can see the other sides of the pumpkin. Right now they are on display at the fair..if you go be sure to stop by and take a first hand look!

B won 3rd place for his Buckeye pumpkin!

S won 1st place!

E's 1st place pumpkin!

Congratulations kids....I am so proud of each of you for your hard work!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kiddos!!!!!! You did a great job. :-)

Leah Belle said...


i didn't even know about this contest....guess i need to get some info, huh?

some friends have suggested i enter some of my photos at the fair. have you ever done that with yours?