Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harvest Day and Birthday Party

Our small town sets aside the second Saturday in October to honor area farmers and the Harvest season.

I remember as a young girl bringing my great-grandmother to this same festival around the town square. When Scot and I moved here in 1999, it became an extended family tradition as well.

M enjoying a snow cone

Everyone comes to my house and walks to "the square." We enjoy looking at the many craft booths that line the streets, visting with friends, eating boiled peanuts and shopping at the local antique store. It truly is such a highlight of the fall season!

My cousin, Billy, and sister, Julie

My cousin Anna and her husband, Daniel

We then make our way back to our house for lunch and football. It is always a fun day full of lots of family time!

E with my mom

In 2003, B was born the day before Harvest Day. So we also celebrate his birthday too.

This year, we had a football-themed party. We had tailgate food for lunch...wings, mini-hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, etc.

This is his cool cake. Of course, it had to be Ohio State. In his mind, there is no other team!

Isn't it awesome!?!

This is B with one of his gifts. It is camping gear - complete with a tent! Just what he needed!!! Remember this?


Main Street Mom said...

As always, you did a great job on his cake....even if it was Ohio...did you have any trouble getting all those AL fans to eat it??!?!?

Amanda said... was a fun party. Scot actually did the decorating. HE did a fantastic job!!!!

Our famil?? you know they love to eat! -- even if it says Ohio State!

Main Street Mom said...

I think Scot could go into business!!! Of course the Morris clan could eat it...what was I thinking?!?!?