Monday, September 8, 2008

Camp Night

Friday nights are starting to become "camp night" in our home. The kids love pitching their tents, gathering their sleeping bags, and camping out in the living room.

This past week's camp night was quite comical!

B wanted to sleep with E, but NOT in her tent because it is PINK. We finally convinced him that if he wanted to sleep with the girls in their tent, he would just have to get over the fact that it is pink.

So he got his gear - his manly CAMO sleeping bag and "BALL" pillow - and got inside. Besides the fact that it was a pink tent, he really was excited about the fun things they had planned for the night. But....

The next thing I know he is yelling NO MORE LOTION! The girls explained they have to put on lotion before bed...A few minutes later he came out of the tent and informed us he just could not sleep in there because "it stinks like a girl"!

Scot, being very sympathetic, announced he had a plan. The next thing I know, he started bringing in wood! Yes, wood...8 ft long pieces of wood!

He used the wood for the framing of the "man cave". It supported all the blankets and pillows. Can you see it sticking out on either side???

Nice little man cave, huh?!! Aren't daddy's the best!! It is amazing what you can do with a few chairs, couch pillows, and blankets!

Boy was HE happy and the girls so wanted his house instead of their tent! They even begged to sleep with HIM.

Although he let them come inside his house for a visit, he said they couldn't sleep there...why?? You guessed it, because they stink!


Anonymous said...

Ok, that is just too funny. I can just see him doing that.....coming out of the tent saying "It stinks like girls." I know that you want him to keep thinking that girls stink for a little while longer, right? :-)
Bless his heart! I am glad that his Dad built him a man cave!

Amanda said...

I was hilarious!

Yes, my little heartbreaker hopefully will think girls are stinky for quite a while!

Daddy said...

Wait until I build one for them this Friday. I am going to Lowe's for some 2x4's. It will be mammoth!!!