Wednesday, September 2, 2009

B&N Summer Reading Club

The girls completed their summer reading for the B&N club weeks ago, but we had not gotten around to going and getting their free books. Seeing as the deadline was approaching, I finally made it a priority to take the girls to redeem their certificates. I was shocked when the sales lady informed us that they had thrown away the info sheet on this program because they had so many people abusing the system!

Thankfully, they honored our certificates and let the girls pick out a book. Because they no longer had the info and no one in the store knew which books were on the approved list, they let them choose their favorite books $9.99 and below! The girls were so excited about this because most of the books on the list were not ones they were interested in anyway. We were there for more than an hour debating which books to choose!

S finally decided on this. It is a 3-in-1 book of the Adventures of Little Bear.

E got one of the new AG books. She has been looking forward to reading about the new girl since receiving the catalog in the mail.

I am so thankful for programs like this. How great is that companies and libraries reward kids for reading during the summer months!

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Beth said...

S made a great pick!!!! I love Little Bear, and I know how much E loves her AG. I know that they will enjoy them.
By the way, I looooooooove the picture at the top of your blog. Beautiful!!!!!!!!