Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lego Night

Legos is another favorite family activity.

The kids and their daddy LOVE to spread out the blankets and dump their legos all over the living room floor. They have to be able to see ALL the pieces, you know.

Then the creative juices start flowing!!!

I am constantly amazed at all the cool moving trucks or planes that they create out of just a bunch of lego pieces. These are not "sets" that you buy to build, these are just random pieces that they use which makes it even cooler!

Scot is so creative when it comes to building things with legos. If it were just me playing legos with them, I am confident that they would not love it as much. I am just not talented in the lego department. He can come up with things like this

and this.

We have given B some legos in the past, but the majority of these legos are the very same ones that Scot played with as a boy. Pretty cool huh?!

So what is your favorite family night activity?


Karis said...

So fun for the kids to have Daddy to join them with the Legos. That definitely makes it more fun.

I think our girls at their young ages would say their family family nights are when we all play hide and seek. They never seem ready to end that game. :-)

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Wow, Scot sure is creative with legos! Looks like such a fun time the kids get to have with their dad.

Megan is pretty young yet to do many things, but I am guessing our favorite family fun night activity with her would include a walk outside to a park where we could push her on the swings or a walk in the mall and let her crawl around the play area!

Mammaw/Ohio Mom said...

Scot and his brother, Brian would have days when they would bring all their legos to the living room and make "indestructible vehicles" out of legos. These were very large vehicles with wheels and when they were done building them, they would crash them together to see which one would have the least damage. They would play for hours building and rebuilding them.
The best thing Scot built was the space shuttle but both boys were very creative and had a great time with their legos.