Friday, September 4, 2009

Small Town Football Game

What is Friday night in the fall without high school football right?

Tonight, our small town was playing my cousin Billy's Alma mater. We went to the game together and had a blast!

We sat on our team's side...not that he was happy about that, but we outnumber him 6 to 1 so he had no choice!

My mom also went to the game. Her and E both wore in their Alabama shirts. I don't think there is too many people more excited about college football starting - mainly Alabama playing - than my E. That girl loves her some Alabama football!

S was so excited about going to the football game. All week she talked about it. She is a social bug so this was right up her alley! Nana and Billy both bought the kids pom poms. S loved having them to help her cheer!

M was fascinated by the cheerleaders and majorettes. Anytime they were in front of us cheering or during the halftime show, she would just watch them in awe.
She kept us laughing too...Our mascot is the Ram. She kept asking where is the reindeer?
Then after the game, she saw the football players go into the field house. She said, I guess they all have to go to the bathroom! It was so funny, and to her defense, the field house did look like the same building the bathrooms were in!
What a great way to spend some fun family time!

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Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

That does sound like some great family fun time! I used to love going to high school football games, but have not done much of it in the past few years.