Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wikki Stixs

Scot's parents are here visiting this week. His mom always brings great gifts for the kids. This time she brought something I had not heard of before. It is called Wikki Stixs. Have you heard of them?

Wikki Stixs are like pipe cleaners made out of wax. They stick to surfaces so you can make pictures. They can be bent, twisted, and stuck together.
S and B got ones that came with a board like the picture above and M's came with a book that you can outline the pictures with the sticks.
It really is such a cool activity. They spent an hour playing with them during their art time making crazy faces, their name, words, objects, and silly pictures.

I can also see this as a fun way to learn letters and spell words. I love fun products that can be used for learning too!


Grape News said...

My kids love these! We actually got ours at a restaurant up here. I didn't know you could actually buy them! I'd love to know where she got them. Ours are old and have collected dust bunnies (picture that-yuck). Or maybe I'll just go back to the restaurant and get more :) Good excuse to go out to eat.

Beth said...

I have never heard of them. Where did she get them? If they are not too expensive they would be a great Christmas gift for my class.

Amanda said...

How cool that restaurants give them out to keep the kids busy while they wait for their food!

Scot's mom got them from Amazon.com.

Mammaw/Ohio Mom said...

I bought them at Amazon.com. I like to use them because they have reviews of games and toys. This game was given such good reviews and also said that restaurants were giving them to kids and how much they liked them that I took a chance and bought them. I can't remember the price at the moment but they are under $20 and there are a variety of "kits" you can buy. I also lucked out and got free super saver shipping!