Wednesday, September 9, 2009

M's Gift

See this cute little strawberry that M is holding. It is a gift from my friend Shelly.
It is an original Strawberry Shortcake doll case with the original dolls still inside!

It was hers from when she was a little girl! I feel so honored that she shared this with M. She loves Strawberry Shortcake and they are the perfect size dolls for her to play with right now.

Thanks Miss Shelly! M loves them so much! Oh, and she has been sharing with S. They both love playing with Miss Shelly's dolls!


Grape News said...

Love it! My sister had that same strawberry. I would love to find one of those for my 3 year old. (does your friend have any more?) :)

Karis said...

I have never seen that, but I know my Kayla would LOVE it.