Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bucks for Books

My two oldest girls have signed up for a great reading program this summer. Through the month of June, they can earn $3.00 for every book they read! They are able to earn up to $60 just for doing the thing that they love to do...and would do anyways!!!

The other part of the requirement is to write a brief summary and give an oral report on each book. (It is not as hard as it sounds!) The report is just an overview so the volunteer who listens to the oral report will have some knowledge of the book. Super easy!

This is the first year they have participated and did not know what to expect, but the volunteer, who is a very sweet older lady, has put the girls at ease.

I am so thankful for our local library. We check out books on a weekly basis. The ladies there are so sweet and helpful. I love that they encourage my kids in their reading.

When we return our books, they are always sweet to ask how they liked the book or what was this book about. They build them up by saying, wow, you are a super reader. It is so good for a child to hear that kind of encouragement about reading from someone other than mom! I am thankful that our small town librarians see their job as something more than "just a job."

As for the reading program, I will let you know how they did at the end of the month!


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Wow, I have never heard of earning money for reading a book. That sounds really neat. How neat that your kids love to read! What a great program!

Grape News said...

I signed up my son for a $3 reward program through HalfPrice Books. Barnes & Noble also has a reward program. I'm all for FREE!

Beth said...

Ok, why didn't they have this when I was a kid? I could have a gazillion dollars by now! :-)
I am glad that they like to read, and this sounds really great.