Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Broken Leg

2009 has started out with a bang! My sweet little, two-year old M has a broken leg.

It is just so sad. My heart aches for her. She, like any two year old, is SO active and now to be confined to the couch...oh my! It is going to be a long 4 -6 weeks!

I know you are all wondering how this happened....

My mom, the girls and I were at the a mall making some exchanges and using gift cards from Christmas. As E and I were checking out at J*P**ny, my mom took S and M to go sit in the chairs just inside the mall.

E and I finished and were walking towards to mall entrance. My mom was frantically walking towards me holding M in her arms. I figured she must have fallen and gotten hurt. The closer we got towards each other, I could see the horror on my mom's face. She said we need to go to the ER right now.

I grabbed M and could see a huge bruise on her face and she was not acting right AT ALL!

My mom said, M was running right in front of her, tripped and fell on the ceramic tile in the store. She was so close in front of my mom that when she fell, it tripped my mom and she fell top of her!

We were worried that she had a major head injury hitting the ceramic tile when she fell and then again when my mom fell on her!

As we were walking out of the mall, I called Scot, who had B and was working out at the land, and told him what was going on and to meet us at the hospital.

When we finally made it to our car, I tried to put M down so I could get everything in the car. She wouldn't stand and just started crying. That is when I knew something was wrong with her leg. Momma said that must be why she would not stand up when they were trying to help both of them up off the floor.

Of course, my mom felt TERRIBLE. I reassured her that there was NOTHING she could have done to avoid falling on M. She actually hurt her wrist breaking her fall. Her knee and ankle are banged up pretty bad too. Those of you who know my mom, know she was not allowing any focus to be on herself. She was just worried about her baby!

I called the ER to let them know we were coming. When we got there, it was packed! They got our info and then we had to wait. Thankfully, not as long as some of the people there had already been waiting. They took us back after 20 minutes or so, I guess mainly because they suspected a head injury.

Once back, we waited more....did I mention they were packed??!! M was wanting to go to sleep and I had to try to keep her awake which just made her more upset! It was terrible. I finally talked to the nurse and she said let her sleep.

After what seemed like FOREVER, the nurse finally came and did an assessment. They said we need to get her to CT and they will be here in just a second to get her! I asked about her leg and they bluntly said if it is broken, we will deal with it later. We are worried about her head and need to take care of that first. Honestly, fear set in me at this point!

A scared two year old having to be still while getting a CT scan??? Yeah, right! It was not an easy task. Just when she would calm down, she would see the tech and start crying again. We finally just put her on the table and tried to comfort her with our words. She wanted me to hold her, of course, and all I could do was hold her down. It broke my heart!

Finally, we got the scans we needed and PRAISE THE LORD everything was OK. No head injury and no facial fractures!

The sweetest doctor came to talk to us. I am so thankful that the Lord brings just who we need in the midst of stressful situations! She was so kind and so patient with all our questions and fears - being a mom herself, she understood!

The doctor examined her leg as I explained how she would cry out in pain just sitting on the table.

She sent us to get an x-ray. This time it was a much easier test...thankfully! She cried a little, but overall did a great job laying still for the x-ray.

The doctor came back in and informed us that sure enough it was broke....a spiral fracture.

Having gone through this with B just a few months ago, we knew what to expect. They would put a temporary cast on her until Monday when we could see a specialist. (Why do these things always happen on the weekend??)

Our doctor got the other kids involved by having them help hold the different things she needed to wrap M's leg. Again, seeing the kindness and compassion of this doctor was so refreshing!

Within a few minutes, her entire leg was wrapped and we were on our way. Just in time too. The severe thunderstorm rolled in just as we got in the car! All in all about 4 hours in the ER - not too bad considering how busy they were.


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Bless her heart...that has got to be hard for her. Hope these next few weeks go quickly for you all.

Karis said...

You'd never know from those smiles that she has a broken leg! Kids are so resilient even if keeping them still is near impossible it seems.

I feel so badly for your mom too! There definitely is nothing she could have done to prevent it. Still, I know she feels so bad. She's such a sweetie. Hope her recovery goes well too. After my mom's fall and broken wrists almost a year ago that is still causing her problems, I winced when I read about her landing on her wrist to break her fall.

Anonymous said...

What a day for you guys! What a blessing to have such a kind doctor! M looks to cute and sure did look happy to have the ordeal over with. . . love her smile! Tell your Mom I am praying for her. . . bless her heart! I know she was feeling it this week too! Glad she is ok.