Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Plates

I have been looking for some plates like this for several years now.

I first saw them in an antiques store, but was not willing to pay the high prices they were asking per plate. (Over the years, I have seen them priced between 8 - 10 dollars per plate!)

While at a local junk store, I found 3 of them to start my collection and the best part was that I only paid $1.00 each! I was thrilled to find them and even more thrilled at the price!

How perfect are they for a tea party, baby shower, or a brunch! E has already requested to use them when her birthday rolls around.

So now the hunt to add to the collection begins...but only if they are priced reasonably.

1 comment:

Karis said...

I have never seen plates like that -- I love them and I would've been so excited too about getting them for $1.00! Happy hunting for more.