Friday, September 19, 2008

My Tough Little Guy

Thursday night, while I was at Bible Study, B fell off the trampoline. Although we have the saftey net, he managed to fall out a small opening at the "door". (One of the girls had gotten off and did not zip the gate all the way down. Only about 1/3 was left opened.) It is so hard to believe he was able to fall through such a small opening, but he did!

Scot said he cried a little, but wanted to get back on and jump. Scot said he did not act like he was hurt and that he even played catch!

A little while after I got home, Scot casually mentioned it to me. He felt like it wasn't really a big deal..maybe a bruise or a sprain. He said just watch it tomorrow and see how he does.

B is a tough boy and he has a high tolerance of pain. This is the same boy, who as a baby, had a DOUBLE ear infection and NEVER cried! The only way we knew something was wrong was that his ear started draining really bad. We took him to the doctor and were STUNNED to get a double ear infection as the diagnosis!

Well, Friday morning when B got up, I tried to look at it. He didn't want to take the bandage off for me to see. So I began asking him questions.

I asked if it hurt, "No."

What about if I touch it here? or here? He said, "No"

I told him I thought we should go get an x-ray just in case, his response was "No, it doesn't hurt!"

So I just took his word for it. I noticed throughout the day, he wouldn't use it as much. So with E's help, I finally convinced his to take off the bandage. It was swollen! I knew then, for peace of mind, we should get it x-rayed.

Scot came home early from wor and having dealt with broken bones himself, he knew right away something was not right.

The only doctor's office still taking patients was Primecare. (This is actually a story in itself, but we won't go there!) The doctor and nurse were super nice. They were kind and gentle.

The nurse took B back for his x-ray and our fears were revealed....

It is broken!

My poor little guy.

I just could not believe it! My baby boy had a broken arm for almost 24 hours and we did not know it!

Oh the guilt...

But how was I suppose to know??!! This boy is tough...maybe too tough for his own good!

He didn't complain, he didn't cry, he acted like it was no big deal!

I didn't even give him Tylenol! Oh, the guilt....

They put a temporary cast on his arm until Monday when we will go to the Bone doctor to get a real cast.

This is the best picture I could get because he is all embarrassed about it! Notice he is hiding it behind his back!? Maybe when he gets used to it...maybe.


Main Street Mom said...

Poor Guy! What a tough one! All I can say is at least the cooler weather has come and he won't be missing out much on the swimming pool!

I must say, You are a real pro at the blogging thing! I have just visited your blog for the first time this week. You are doing it right! What a keepsake!

Get well soon, B!

Amanda said... sweet of you to say!

I have thought about the whole water thing.... and the sweat of the summer! yuck!

Daddy said...

We always knew this little guy had a strong threshhold for pain. When he was little, he would run into the table or the kitchen cabinents and hit them hard. Did he cry - no. He is tough. So when he fell off the "pleen", as Squirt calls it, the first thing he said was "Daddy, I can't move my arm." I knew something was wrong. But I - not wanting to inflict more pain - needed more proof. I iced it down and about 30 minutes after he fell, he let me rotate his wrist back and forth and said it hurt "a little". After that, we played catch football for about 10 minutes or so. Hardly seems like someone with a broken arm, but with no swelling, I figured he sprained his wrist.

Well, the next evening at PrimeCare (just like Amanda said - we won't go there), the nurse x-rayed him. He was so fearful of the big enormous x-ray machine. You have to admit, they could plaster cartoons and primary colors all over those things to make them look nicer. At any rate, the nurse had us come into the other room to look at the x-ray's. Realizing the legalities of her position, she said, "You know, I am not a doctor, but if I had to guess, it looks like it's broken." To which I replied, "Well I'm not a doctor OR a nurse and I know it's broken!" It was pretty obvious, but he is a tough guy and it will be off soon.