Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Tales of the Loose Tooth

While on vacation in August, we discovered that S had a loose tooth. This six year old... (yes, she really is six, unlike my two year old who thinks she is six!).... was so excited!

Several of her friends, who are also six, have already lost at least one tooth, if not more. She has repeatedly asked "when are my teeth gonna fall out!" She wants to be a member of the snaggled tooth club sooo bad!

I think the cutest thing ever was what she said when we discovered the loose tooth. We were at the pool and she asked if it was still OK to swim because "it might fall out in the water"!

This when we discovered the loose tooth
Don't you just love when they say something so cute and are so serious about it!
A few weeks after we got home, she was scheduled to go to the dentist for a regular check-up to get her teeth cleaned. Her dentist sent a little reminder in the mail and when she received it, she proudly announced to be brother and sister that she did not have to go to the dentist. I asked her why she thought that and she replied, "because I have a loose tooth and if he tries to clean it, it will fall out!"

It was so hard to not laugh at her response..she says the funniest things and says them so seriously!
I guess I busted her bubble when I told her it was just like brushing her teeth every day and that she still had to was a good try though, wouldn't you say?!?

Checking to see if her tooth is ready to come out!


Daddy said...

Her teeth are so tiny that I can't get my fingers on the really loose one. They are the two bottom front teeth and they are so small. It is hard to believe that E went through her first one more than 3 years ago (I think it was more than 3 years ago). Little man won't be very far along either. If I get to pull it, then I want to be a guest blogger to tell about my experiences because I am sure that it will be memorable! My guess is we will see the safe horrified look of shock like when she got her ears pierced! You need to put those picture up here too.

Daddy said...

Ok, I meant "same" instead of "safe" and should have pluralized the word "picture". Aside from that, if no one ever looks at this then no one will know I don't read what I write - unless they look at any other posts of mine!