Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She Lost Her First Tooth..Finally!

S has finally lost her first tooth. She is very proud and very excited. I would love to tell you it was a glorious, peaceful event....but I will not lie.

After much persuasion and even a little forcefulness, her tooth is now out.

As bad as she wanted it to come out, she was not willing to let us pull it. S is a stubborn little girl and she had made up her mind that it would just come out on its own. The poor tooth was literally hanging by a single root....she could almost lay the whole thing over with her tongue! It has been like that for several days. We gave it a chance to "come out on its own." That did not happen.

So we had to make her let us pull it out! To say the least, she was not happy!

In a matter of a single second, this tiny little thing was out.

Of course the first thing she wanted to do was call Nana to tell her!

Doesn't she look so cute?

A tradition that we started when E lost her first tooth was to write a letter to the "tooth fairy" asking if we could please keep the tooth. We leave the note along with the tooth that is placed safely in a special box. S was very excited to be able to write her own letter and get the special box for her tooth.

I know this is the first of many teeth S will loose..I just hope the next ones come out a little more quietly!

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Daddy said...

You have to admit, that Daddy is good. Knowing ahead of time that this whole experience would be blogged, I supervised the writing of the letter. When she started writing her name, I told S to stop after the letter S so that I could take a picture. Amanda is pretty good with Photoshop, but Daddy is clever!

And by the way, the Tooth Fairy let her keep her tooth.

Also, I can't forget this, but the question arose on how the Tooth Fairy got in the house in the first place to leave some money. B thinks it was the chimney and S thinks it came through the keyhole. I guess only Mommy and Daddy know how the Tooth Fairy gets in there. And we are still a little uncertain of the gender. B of course says it is a boy (a fairy boy, don't think so) and S a girl.