Thursday, October 15, 2009

E's Chandelier

E has wanted a chandelier in her room for a long time. We have kept our eye out for one at garage sales, antique stores, and even the local good will, We have not been able to find one that she likes or that was in our price range until now!

E found this beauty in a junk store for $5.00. Isn't it lovely? We both love the glass center!

Of course, it needs to be rewired, but that is easy to do. We are also going to spray paint it and add some crystals. Soon she will have the beautiful chandelier that she has dreamed of!


Scot said...

Sure it is easy for you because I will be the one to do it. Make sure you put the pictures of the finished product on the blog!

Amanda said...

I will once you do your part, sweetie :)

Beth said...

I love it........and what a bargain! I was wondering what color you are going to paint it. Maybe I should ask Scot? :-)

Amanda said...

Haahahaha....Scot won't spray paint!!!! He's going to rewire it for me because he is just SO sweet :)

We have not decided on a color yet..thinking black or maybe white??? I just want the glass to sparkle and be noticed so it may be a trial and error thing. I will be sure to post some pictures!