Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Little Readers

The last several nights E has camped out in S and B's room. They have had so much fun all being in the same room. We hear them in there talking, laughing, and being silly-- which, of course, makes this momma's heart happy! I love that they are building special sibling memories!

Besides, its the summer, why not camp out every night? why not stay up past midnight being silly with your siblings? That is what summer is for, right?

Well, this morning, all was quiet and I thought they were sleeping in because they were up past midnight. I finally saw B come get some juice and sneak back to his room. I went and peaked in and this is what I found................

they were each in their beds READING!

The girls were reading the last of their library books! E has finished all 18 of her books (in one week!) and was now reading the ones that S checked out. Speaking of S, no she does not hold the book that close to read, she was hiding behind the book so I wouldn't be able to get her picture! She is a stinker!
Here is B with his GIANT teddy bear. He was propped up on him while he was reading. It was so cute!

Tonight is their party for the Bucks for Books. They are so excited to get their money!!! I will be sure to show you tomorrow!

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