Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Magazine

In the midst of all the boxes of dishes, Tupperware, and cleaning supplies I bought at the auction, we found this magazine.

My mom was about to throw it away and I stopped her because Scot loves these old JB movies. I told her, he may get a kick out of looking at it. So we got it back out of the trash can!

I was right. He thought it was pretty cool. He also thought that just for fun, he would google it to see if it was worth anything. He found out that in mint condition it is worth......wait for it......

.....$110! Yes, I said that right....110 bucks!

Ours is in great condition, maybe not mint, but pretty close. He found that other people on eB*y are "buying now" for $95.

Either way, not too bad for something that was in a pile of stuff I bought for $5.00!


Grape News said...

Ben would love that magazine! he is a very big James Bond fan. And I am so jealous over all you got! Wish I could find stuff like that. Too awesome!

Beth said...

Sighhhhhhhhh Sean Connery - He was the best James Bond in my opinion.
$110.00 Wowzers!!!!!!!!!!

Your Ohio Mom said...

Oh, Amanda, if we lived close, I would be begging you to take me with you when you go to auctions! How much fun you must be having! And what bargains you are getting. It is a blessing isn't it?