Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy Weekend

This has been a very rainy weekend where we live. Scot and I took advantage by doing some painting. We, (mainly) he, painted our bedroom. When everything is decorated and put back together, I will show you some pictures. I am really loving the color!

While painting, Scot and I had a lot of time to talk details about the new house! It was a lot of fun - as you can imagine!

For the past several months, every time I have seen something that I like, I save the pic in my house idea files. Lately, I have started narrowing down some of my choices. It was great to have pictures to show Scot what I was talking about so he could get the vision too.

As promised, I thought I would start sharing some of them with you. If you are interested in how the planning/designing stage is coming along, check out our home blog to see some ideas we have for the front door and kitchen.

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