Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joy of Homeschooling

The beauty of homeschooling is that we are not confined to the classroom. Who says we cannot do school at the patio table in the back yard?

Yes, that is a dirty face..she was digging in the dirt during one of her breaks!


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

That is definitely a perk of homeschooling...doing school work in the beautiful outdoors!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Loved the pictures!

Grape News said...

Ah yeah! I"m waiting--it's still too cold here. Since I use the DVD program, I'd have to bring the computer out too. I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING --most days. :)

Karis said...

Yay for homeschooling flexibility.

Amanda said...

Yes, I love the flexibility of homeschooling! The kids really enjoy when we "mix it up a bit" and it is not the same ole school day!

Grape News - what dvd program do you use? We have always used A Beka Books and have been thinking of doing the DVD next year for my oldest (she will be 5th)

Bungie said...

These are great pictures of the kids! They seem to be enjoying the outdoor class! I would have loved that as a child!
Ohio Mom