Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation Time

Tomorrow we leave for vacation...Well, technically, it is just weekend beach trip, but nonetheless, I am excited to have 3 whole days of family togetherness.

This summer, we have had several mini-vacations. We made a couple trips to the beach and we spent a fantastic weekend in Atlanta visiting Stone Mountain and the Georgia Aquarium.

This has been an awesome summer and we have done a lot of fun stuff...I am so grateful to have so many fun memories from the Summer of 2008.

Because school starts on Monday and this is going to be our last official mini-vacation of the summer, we have decided this "vacation" is going to be different. We have rented a condo on the world's most beautiful beaches and we plan to do nothing.

Well, nothing except enjoy the sun, ride the waves, build sandcastles, collect shells, and take a stroll on the shore at sunset....oh, doesn't that sound sooo good...and relaxing!

This is the view we had last year....

Do you see now why I can't wait to go back?


nancygrayce said...

I love the World's Most Beautiful Beaches and have lived there all my life! I know you had a good and relaxing time!

Daddy said...

I loved our vacation time this year. We need to do every future year like this one (and maybe a little more)!