Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our little Squirt

It is hard for me to believe that Squirt will soon be 2. These two years have flown by so quickly....Wasn't it just yesterday we where bringing her home from the hospital?

She has started potty training already and is doing a fantastic job. It was so funny this morning when she had a little accident in her big girl panties. She looked up at me with the sweetest look on her face. She pointed her little fingers at me and said "you sad?" She was so adorable with that cute little face and the sweetest little voice...I reassured it was OK and that I was not sad. I was thinking to myself, how can I be sad when you do something so adorable! I think she knows she has us wrapped around her finger!

Squirt has always been a Momma's girl. But, in the last month or so, she has actually wanted to snuggle with Daddy. This, of course, just melts his heart! His face beams every time she reaches for him. Finally, after almost two years, she wants him!

The other three kids always wanted their Daddy time from the moment he came through the door each night....they still do. Squirt, on the other hand, would yell "My Mommy" if he would even look at her, much less try to kiss her hello! She was always so scared he would take her away from me.

Things are changing...she is coming around. She is starting to become a Daddy's girl - at least some of the time.

Now, when she sees Daddy drive up, she runs and hides like the other kids do. She waits to be found and to be scooped up for lots of hugs and kisses from her Daddy.

Although it gets real noisy when Daddy comes home, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know these are precious memories we are creating. One day, we will look back with fond memories on this little game they play each night. I also know that all too soon, I will be wishing I could hear those screams of "Daddy's home..Quick hide!"

I am trying to savor every part of their childhood because I know it is slipping away faster than I can imagine. Yes, even these potty training days....because as I am so often reminded, we will never have an almost 2 year old again!


Leah Belle said...

how fun you've started a blog... I LOVE blogging.


Daddy said...

I thought I would mention this about my little Squirt too. I can convince her (only for a VERY short while) that she is Daddy's girl. I get her to repeat after me - sometimes I have to fight with her reply of "Momma's girl". When she finally comes around, I tell her to go tell Momma. She always will go tell her, unfortunately she almost always comes back brainwashed again, but for a very short time period about once a day she is Daddy's girl!