Thursday, August 28, 2008

How old are you?

M's birthday was this past Sunday. At church, she received lots of birthday wishes from all the sweet people in our church family. She would just smile so big every time someone said
"Happy Birthday".
The natural question that every one asked was "How old are you?"
Of course, they all expected to hear her say 2.
Instead, she replied in her sweet matter-of-fact voice..... "I six".
M with her daddy on the way to church

Everyone got a big kick out of it! We tried to tell her "No, you are are two" but her response was always the same "No, I six".
The funniest part was how she was just so matter-of-fact about it!
I am not sure how it happened or who told her it was so,
but for some reason, my 2 year old is convinced she is SIX!


Anonymous said...

I will comment just to prove to you that someone is reading your blog! :-)
I am going to try that on my next birthday. I will say "I six". Ha Ha
She is too cute, Amanda.


Amanda said...

Thanks, Beth! Yeah a comment...I love getting comments!....and now I know I have a friend reading and not just my husband :)

Daddy said...

Speaking of your husband...

I wanted to correct you, M would say "I sith". She can't quite get the "x" sound just yet. Also, yesterday it was hilarious when I questioned her on it and tried to tell her she was two, I asked her again about her age. This time she said she was "sethen" (seven). Realizing that I wasn't convinced, she followed that up with "Momma said so"!! Can you believe that?!? That is my Squirt.

Amanda said...

Funny know could have just been my guest blogger and told your story on the official page :)