Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Home

Well, it is official. The sign is in the yard and we have had our first showing!

I got emotional again today just thinking about some other family living in our house...the place we have called home for 9 years! Our oldest was 2 months old when we moved in. Our little family of 3 is now a family of 6..and as much as we love our house, we are running out of room!!!

I should say, we ran out of room 2 kids ago, but God's timing is perfect. We have been patient and "made do" for the last few years. In June, we purchased some land in the same small town about 2 miles from where we live now. We are so excited. It is the beginning of a dream come true!

But... I am still weepy....I know you moms understand when I say, this is the house full of lots and lots of firsts! The place where I rocked my babies, where I brought three of them home from the hospital, and where I watched them take their first steps.

This is the yard where they had their first Easter Egg hunt and where they learned to ride their bikes and play baseball.

This is the front porch where we snuggled on the swing when as toddlers they had a tough time falling asleep, where we have sat in the rocking chairs enjoying the cool evenings as a family, and where our oldest made the most important decision of her life, to ask Jesus into her heart.

This is the house where so many of our memories have been made. That is why it is not just a house, it is our home.


Daddy said...
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Daddy said...

I love our house. It is so neat to think back about when I first saw this house.

Amanda and I would drive through this town to go visit her great aunt. When we did, we would "shave" the corner of our route by driving down our street.

Back in 1998 I started working in a nearby town. On my way to work, I would pick up 2 co-workers, one that lived on this very street! I would drive by our house twice a day and just loved it.

Then in 1999, we went to a funeral a block away from this house. We decided to drive down our road to see all the lovely houses on here. When I saw the sign in the yard I KNEW that this would be our house.

It turned 101 years old this year and I will never forget the wonderful times we have had here. While I want to hurry and sell it so we can move, I won't ever forget this charming house.

I hope it stands for another 100 years so our grandchildren and great grandchildren can see where it all began!