Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3, 1996

Today, Scot and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary. I thought it was appropriate to begin our new blog on the date that our story began.

It is always fun for us to relive special memories from our wedding day....what a beautiful, romantic day it was!

I hold close the precious memories of that day. I never want to forget the way we felt back then....the crazy, passionate, newlywed kind of love...the overwhelming joy of just being together, holding hands, cooking supper or walking on the was just the total excitement we had of starting our life together. We laugh at how much money we DID NOT have...but it did not matter. We had each other!

Our love is deeper, stronger, and more mature now. At times our life can be crazy, hectic, busy, and stressful. But through it all, I am just so glad that I have him to share it with!

Today, as we celebrate, I am so thankful that God knew who and what I needed, way more than I ever did. He created the perfect husband for me!

Happy Anniversary, my forever love.


Scot said...

I love you so much Sweetie. Thank you for this blog. It means so much to me that our life together is important to you. Thank you for 12 wonderful years of marriage (and 2 1/2 of dating and engagement)! I love you more than ANYTHING!!!

Mom Ginther said...

iWe knew that God picked the perfect wife for Scot when we met Amanda for the first time. We knew that she was "the one". We were happy when he came home during the summer to work to earn enough money to buy her an engagement ring. We even helped in conspiring with him and her mom to surprise her on his way back to Dothan. Over the years we have witnessed their dedication to each other and their children. We feel happy and blessed to have them in our lives.