Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Their Very Own Tree

The kids LOVE having their very own Christmas trees in their rooms.

Scot helping S and B put together their tree.

E and M's tree

S and B's tree

They love decorating it all by themselves...and doing it the way they want.

S showing M how to hang ornaments the right way!

Each tree is adorned with special ornaments they have made or received from friends.

It is such a simple thing, but full of fun, laughter, and special memories!

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Karis said...

Absolutely precious! We have an 18 inch Christmas tree that a missionary was selling at their moving sale, but it doesn't exactly cut it. Obviously, real isn't an option since there are no evergreens (although the trees here are "ever" green), and the artificial ones are imported and expensive. I heard they don't clearance stuff after Christmas -- that's so unAmerican -- well, of course since I'm not in "Kansas" anymore. I was really hoping to stock up on after Christmas clearance since we brought only a select few Christmas things with us. Guess we'll just have to be creative -- Kayla won't know the difference.

I love reading about all the special things you do with your family.

Oh and next time you see Julie, tell her I said hi.