Saturday, December 13, 2008


We couldn't go to Atlanta without doing a little Christmas shopping. We went to a fantastic mall that had the Build-a Bear workshop. The kids wanted to use some of their Christmas money from Mammaw and Pappaw to buy their very own, made-by-themselves bears.

As the kids were deciding which bear to pick, I showed M this one.

She said "I don't want that one, it's not right." We busted up laughing. Being 2 years old, she didn't quite understand it was suppose to be flat because they were going to stuff it!

First off, they grabbed a heart for their bear.

Then they did all kinds of things before placing it in the bear. This one is when they were rubbing it on their knee's so their bear would always need them.

Then they kissed it...

and made a wish....

and finally placed the heart inside...

and began stuffing them..

B was such a big brother helping M push the pedal to fill "Rosebud" up with stuffing.

Of course, all new bears have to have a first bath.

It was such a fun experience. They LOVE their new is amazing how much happiness can come from something so little as building a bear.

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Anonymous said...

We cannot wait to take Ashlyn and Caiden--together! I love the pic. of B helping M push the pedal to fill her bear. All the pic are just precious!