Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Crazy Boy

I was quite curious what B was up too when I saw him sitting on the living room floor with plates in both hands and in between his toes.

Of course, I had to ask him what in the world he was doing?!!??

His reply, "I am sooo hot so I am fanning myself."

Well of course you are!!!??! Duh!

I begged him to stay put so I could go get my camera. I want to remember these silly things because you just can't make this stuff up!


Karis said...

I love how you blog about such simple things that might easily be forgotten but are treasures! Things like this show imagination and personality -- great catch with the camera!

Amanda said...

Thanks Karis. You are always so sweet and encouraging!

I just want to remember all the silly little things they do and blogging is such a fantastic way to document these precious times! It will be fun for all of us to one day look back and remember.

Oh and as for the camera - I asked him to "stay right there" then I had to sneak and get the camera or else he would not have waited for me - he doesn't always like me to take pictures :)