Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Parade

As long as I can remember I have always gone to the parade. Even when I was away at college in a different state, I would still come home on the weekend of the parade to enjoy the fair on Friday night and the parade on Saturday morning. I love passing on this family tradition to my kids. Seeing them enjoy the same things I did as a kid brings me so much joy! They love the parade and look forward to it as much as I do!

Scot and M waving at the floats as they go by.

Daddy and his boy!

M and W kicking back watching the parade
S with Mr Peanut

E with my cousin, Billy

The parade is one of my favorite family traditions. Our entire family tries to come, so we can all go together. On Friday night, we park our trucks along the route to reserve a space for our family to sit on Saturday morning. We sit on the tail gates or on the cab or in camp chairs..anywhere we can see the parade as it goes by!
S and LB sitting on top of the truck to see the parade going by.

M with my Uncle Doug

M covered her ears as the sirens went by. How cute is she with her shades???

I love it when he does this!
The peanut trucks are my favorite....and the kids too!

A local company drops peanuts down the center of the street before the parade begins.

Everyone scurries to fill their bags as quickly as possible with as many peanuts as possible.

S ready to go.

E ready to fill her bag!

Here they come!

She was so happy with her bag full of peanuts!

The loot!

She loves her peanuts...they are always oh so good!!!!

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