Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love fresh flowers on our bedside table...especially when they are from my husband just because!


Main Street Mom said...

Got to love that! Nothing like flowers from the man of your dreams...so great to still be getting them after 12 years...Hasn't the Lord been so good to us?!?!?!

Amanda said...

Yes, I do feel so blessed..and yes, I am so thankful that after 12years of marriage our love is just as exciting as the day we fell in love!

Karis said...

Way to go, Scot! They're beautiful, Amanda. I'm so happy for you because while Dan and I have only had eight wonderful years together, I too have a husband who I love so much -- such a gift from the Lord.

I got a good kick out of the Webkinz and weapon newspaper quote! So funny! (This is a complete rabbit trail but it's so funny to me now when I use idioms like "I got a kick out of" because we're trying to learn a new language and what we can understand is literally translated in our minds and we get these big question marks when we think of someone kicking and how that fits in the rest of the sentence...) Anyway, I also laughed about the cement/peanut truck. It was fun catching up on your blog tonight. Your family is beautiful.