Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Fair Night!

There has been great excitement in our house all day long..tonight we are going to the fair!

This was M's favorite ride...the "Bum Bee's".

She loved to look around when she was up in the sky!

S loved the worm rollercoaster...she remembered it from last year and could not wait to get on!

Notice S with her hands in the cute is that??

S and my niece, LB.....see the pure joy on their faces after the ride was it!

Future drivers...

E loves the bumper cars! This year B and Scot rode together and E rode with my cousin, Billy. They had a blast bumping into each other.

These are the brave little ones that went on the bears with Scot...He loves to spin them as fast as he can. I dare say no one can make it go faster!

Even after seeing what he did to the girls, B still wanted to go on with Daddy. So B and Scot went on it too. He was so sick by the time he got off!

My mom and M.

My niece, LB was able to go with us was such a fun family night!

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