Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Interview

Last night at the mall, B was interviewed by our local newspaper. The reporter asked several questions regarding what B wanted for Christmas. He said he really was not sure what he wanted yet...maybe a Webkinz.

Of course, we were all excited when told that he would be quoted on the front page! We let some of our friends and family know so they could be looking out for it in the Saturday edition.

We woke up with great anticipation to see B's name and quote on the front page of the newspaper. Our joy quickly turned to disappointment, horror, laughter, embarrassment...and even more laughter (from Scot at least!) because B was quoted as saying he wanted "Weapons for Christmas."
I can see how Webkinz could be mistaken as weapons...a five year old does not always pronounce things the clearest...but of all things....a WEAPON!!!!??

Oh..My! People who know us at all, know how we feel about our kids playing with guns or even seeing or participating in violent things. I guess that is why the irony of OUR child being quoted as wanting a weapon makes it TOO FUNNY. The rest of the locals, not knowing us or how we feel about these issues, makes me horrified! Oh Well! Can't worry about that now, huh!

B with his Webkinz, Buddy

It really is funny how an honest mistake of not understanding what someone said can go from one extreme to another - something soft and cuddly... to... something so violent!

One thing I know for sure is that B being quoted in the paper will not soon be forgotten, but never did we expect to have a "bonus memory" that we will be talking and laughing about for a long time.

By the way, the paper did correct their mistake on the website right away and then in the Sunday edition of the the newspaper. The editor and writer were very kind and understanding. They were also super apologetic!


Megan said...

maybe people will just think he wants to get an early start on deer hunting.

Leah Belle said...

oh i hope you don't mind, but i can't helping laughing hard about this!

Amanda said...

I don't mind Leah...It IS funny...I got over it pretty quickly, waht can you do except laugh, right!

I wrote about it so at least now people can understand why I was horrified at first :)

Main Street Mom said...

How very funny! I can see your reaction so vividly! You are right though, if anyone knows you.....they would know that either B is yearning to get started hunting or it was a misunderstanding:-)

Main Street Mom said...

Just to think, 2 kids in the paper in the same month!!! I know that was exciting, after getting over the misquote!

Amanda said...

Connie you know me I know you can see where I was coming from...Scot thought it was the funniest thing and I was horrified...I guess that is why we compliment each other so well!

yes we were excited about them in the paper - the funny thing is the pictures from B's article had my mom holding M in the crowd and S was the little girl in the crowd trying to catch the snow with her mouth funny is that!

So in some way or another they all had a part of being in the paper within a matter of weeks!