Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Deals

We found several great deals at L*we's over the weekend. I shared them over on Our Home blog, where I am documenting our journey to our new house.

Go check it out here and here and here.

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Scot said...

Just for the record, the feet were neat little trim pieces that were busted. No problems on gluing and repairing that. The kick plate was also missing, however, since we plan to paint it, I can get a scrap 1x4 to work. I also want to reinforce the cheap plastic rail supports. A few screws and some more scrap 1x4's should do the trick. The only other thing was that it does not have the counter top. So it was an "AS IS" and technically damaged. But for $100 it was still a steal! It should take a few hours to get this vanity how we want it. What an awesome buy!