Tuesday, July 20, 2010

End of Summer Deals

 E and I were out early Saturday morning and we stopped by Tar-jay to see if they had further reduced their summer items. Sure enough, everything was now 75% off!

We bought a few Picnic Blankets  for $3.24 each

and Table cloths for $2.24

and these Beverage Tubs for $3.24 each.

I bought all they had left because they are SO versatile. There were only 4 blues ones left. I really wish they had a red one, but for that price how can you be picky?

I am using one right now to hold all of our beach towels. I also plan to use one to hold towels in B's bathroom at the new house. (That is why I wanted a red one to use as an accent color!)

Speaking of beach towels, I bought a few more because they were only $2.24! You can never have enough beach towels that is for sure....especially at that price!!!!

There were a few other things I bought that I will show you later in the week. If you can, go visit your local Tar-jay and check out their summer clearance!

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