Monday, June 1, 2009

I Won a Kimba Pin!

I was thrilled to be contacted by Kim at Everything Etsy informing me that I had won the Kimba Made giveaway!

Kimba has an Etsy shop full of fantastic pins that she makes and I am so excited that I won one. Now comes the hard part.....deciding which one to choose! They are all fabulous!

I have been reading Kimba's blog, A Soft Place to Land, for a little while now. She is such a creative person. I have often been inspired by her creative ideas and have tried some of them out in my own home. She knows just how to change something that is simple and ordinary and makes it fabulous with a little work and usually a can of spraypaint!

The thing that I also love about Kimba is that she loves the Lord and her family. Although she is not preachy on her blog, her faith shines through. I admire that about her. She wants to make her home a sanctuary for her husband and children. Something that is a priority in my own life.

She did a series that is called Building a Soft Place to Land. It is terrific. Take a minute to read these posts. They will speak to your heart, encourage you, and make you realize we are all wanting the same thing!

I have only recently become familiar with Everything Etsy. From what I have seen so far, it is a fantastic site full of lots of helpful information especially if you have an Etsy shop or if you are thinking of starting one. I love that they spotlight shops like KimbaMade and introduces us readers to so many talented and creative people!

I encourage you to stop and check them both out. I know you won't be disappointed, you may even become addicted like I am!

Thanks Kimba and Kim for such great giveaway! I will wear my Kimba Made pin proudly!


Beth said...

Hey, I want one! Cute
How did you hear about the giveaway?

Amanda said...

Thanks I was super excited too! I read Kimba's blog and she talked about the contest over at Everything Etsy.