Monday, January 9, 2012

M's got her Ears Pierced

M ready to get her ears pierced! 

I was a little nervous because there was only one girl working the night that we went so they were not able to do both ears at the same time. 

I made her promise that no matter if it hurt she would let the girl do both ears. She pinky promised and even said "I won't even cry." I told her it was OK to cry, but that she HAD to get both done.

This little stinker is smiling because she was SO brave and never even cried not one time!!!!!

She gladly let the girl do the other side.

We were all so proud of her and really were shocked that she didn't cry! I told her I couldn't believe that she didn't cry and she said, "but I promised you I wouldn't cry and I kept my promise!"

My sweet BIG girl!

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Very Verdant said...

Yay! M! You look gorgeous!