Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thrift Store Books

The kids and I love going to thrift stores to look for books. We find the best books there and they only cost 58, 78, or 98 cents.

The thrill of the hunt is so exciting because you literally never know what you will find each time you visit. The kids get so excited when they find a book in the series they are collecting!

And boy do we have quite the collections! I would say that 98 percent of our books have come from the Rescue Mission.

On occasion, we have even found homeschool books there which has been a HUGE blessing. The readers we use are usually in the $10.50 range. Although I have gotten some at garage sales for 25 cents, the majority of our readers have come from the goodwill for less than a dollar.

This year, I needed a certain 3rd grade reading book for S. I have been on the lookout for it for the last few weeks to no avail. When school started in August, I just skipped that book refusing to pay brand new prices for a book that I was sure to find second hand at a fraction of the cost. If I never found it, I thought it really wasn't that big of a deal, I could just substitute something else later in the year.

Well, my patience finally paid off. Today I found the book I needed for 98 cents!

Another great find happened the week after school started. I found a NEW 3rd  grade A Beka Spelling Book I wanted for S.  Noticed I said wanted not needed. (The back story is that I had a semi-new book already, but some of the lessons had been used. Rather than buy a new one, I was just going to erase those 6 or 7 weekly spelling activities and save my ten bucks. I am so glad I did now!)

The day I found it , all books were half price. So I got it for a whopping.....wait for it.....

38 cents! Yes, that is right, a brand new, never used, current spelling book for 38 cents!

How awesome it that!!!! As thrilled as I was, what really struck me is the fact that God provides for us - even in the small things such as "extra" homeschool books!

 If you have kids who enjoy reading as much as mine do, check out the kids books at your local goodwill. I am sure you will find lots of hidden treasures for a fraction of the original costs!


Amanda said...

love this post!

It's refreshing to see young mama's get so excited over simple things!!!!

Lisa said...

yea for used books! I am going to be MUCH more diligent and do this for A next year!

Belinda ... said...

I LOVE finding a great deal at a thrift store! So many books for the price of just one..what a deal!

Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

God DOES provide when we are patient and wait on HIM. Amanda, you are a good example of what we all should do in our Christian lives! I love you!