Tuesday, September 7, 2010

B & N Free Book Program

Did you  know that B & N has a summer reading program?  It is super easy. All you do is read 8 books over the summer and B &N gives you a free book. This was our second year participating in it.

The kids love going in a picking out their book (from a specific list they give you) and then proudly taking their slip to the cashier who tells them they did a great job and to enjoy your free book!

Here is what they got this year:

E got a new to her series. Something that she may not have ever tried if it had not been for this program. You know that is the great thing about a free book...you are not out anything if you don't like it!

S got the first book in a series by Ron Roy. My kids enjoy reading Ron Roy books. He wrote the Capital Mysteries series and the A to Z Mysteries.  This is the first we have heard of the Calendar Mysteries. She was so excited about it that she started reading it while the other kids were still picking out their books.

B got this book. There were not as many great choices for his age level, but the title was enough to catch his attention. I think he was excited just to get a free book!

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