Tuesday, August 24, 2010

M's 4th Birthday

Today my sweet M is turning 4! We keep asking her if she would please stop growing, but she just won't listen!

She is saying the funniest things right now. I think I could write a book, seriously! She loves her big sisters and brother. She wants to do anything and everything that they do. She is a mommies girl, although she loves and adores her daddy too.

M, you bring SO much joy to our lives....your beautiful smile, your contagious laugh, your sweet spirit! You are so loving and kind. You are always kissing and hugging us and saying, " I just love you!"

You, my little squirt, make our family complete! I am so thankful the Lord blessed our family with YOU!


Mammaw said...

I was just talking to Tammy about M's infectious smile. I can't look at her pictures without breaking into a smile when I see her. And she is beautiful. I know she is a loving child and truly we all are blessed by her being born into our family!

Scot said...

I love you my little Squirt. You do bring such joy to us. We couldnt' ask for a more perfect "caboose" for our family. You are the sweetest little fireball I know. I love you more than that!