Monday, August 30, 2010

Callaway Gardens 2010

We spent a fantastic weekend away to Callaway Gardens. It was so nice to get away and enjoy some family time!

B in one of the many creeks through out the trails

We got a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT deal. We paid to stay at the Mountain Creek Inn and got to spend two full days at Callaway at no extra charge including all the fun activities they offered through out the park.

M at the Butterfly Center

S at the Bike Ferry dock

We went boating, hiking, biking and even did some geocaching!

E with a Geocache container!

I have lots to share with you and will do so over the next few days!


Beth said...

Glad you guys were able to get away. I have no idea what a geocache container is though.

Amanda said...

Don't worry Beth, I will be posting about Geocaching in the near future :)

Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

Wow what a neat container. That would have been almost impossible for novices! As soon as I get some time, I am going to try geochching! It sounds like so much fun!

Amanda said...

it's so nice to get away as a family and spend time together...
there is simply nothing like it.
I am enjoying your blog!

Scot said...

Go check out It's like an entire underground world of scavenger hunters. We began our journey a little more than a month ago and we LOVE it! This was a clever little "cache" disguised so well that only a seasoned, experienced "cacher" like E could spot it. This is such a wonderful family adventure that I recommend for EVERYONE!