Thursday, June 10, 2010

Date Night with Daddy

Tonight E had her date night with Daddy.  She has been looking forward to it for the last week! She got to choose where they go and what they do.

She wanted to go to a local pizza place where the teens from our church are having a fundraiser for their missions trip this summer. Then come home and watch the Chronicles of Narnia after the other kids go to bed.

I know they will have a good time! I am so glad that each of the kids get the opportunity to do something special with their daddy!


Beth said...

This is sweet! I love her cute little shirt. She is looking so "grown up", Amanda!

Scot said...

We had so much fun. We went to eat at CC then went for some ice cream at DQ and then to PK for putt-putt. Em was down by as many as 5 strokes. She was having a terrible time on one hole. The ball kept rolling back to the start or getting stuck in a hole. Being a gracious Daddy I let her start completely over. What does she do? Hole in one. Any way, I beat her by one stroke and almost lost to her. I was out for blood and barely won! At home she made it for the whole movie, I was out after 30 minutes. But overall it was great! Get ready S, your turn is next!!!

Mom/Mammaw said...

Having special time with dad is such a good idea. The memories you are building are ones that the kids will never forget. It sets a good standard for your children when they raise their kids. You both are doing such a good job as parents!!!